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    Government spending is keeping many contractors...
  • Those outside the cosy world of long-term arrangements are suffering a tendering free-for-all... South East Public Sector Contracts...

  • Competitive Dialogue - Linex Legal - London,UK
  • Introduced in the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 following European directive in 2004, competitive dialogue is a form of tendering that asks bidders to ... Linex Legal - Subscription

  • As a team we have to focus on winning particular opportunities right from pre-qual stage.
  • With little work available outside of frameworks, contractors across Yorkshire and Humberside are resorting to cutthroat tendering to maintain turnover. Companies outside of public sector frameworks are involved in a frantic scramble for turnover as a growing number of firms chase a dwindling pool of contracts. Source: Contract Journal - Grant Prior

    Small businesses still having trouble securing public sector...
  • the Glover Report recognises are often complicated, costly and time- consuming tender processes. ... Why small companies have trouble securing public sector contracts. Small companies need to spend time on training and development.... Bytestart Public Sector Comment

  • Peterborough FSB Branch Chairman - Colin Parnell
  • The UK's smallest businesses make up the majority of the workforce and must be given their own sector skills council to focus on the needs of micro-firms, according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). These firms need training that is appropriate and flexible.
    'Skills Plea for Small Firms' by: John Kralevich - 05 June 2009

  • Public Contracts Tendering: - Website probe plea is rejected
  • Government officials have turned down a request by Sheffield MP Clive Betts for a further review into how a community group decided to splash out £360,000 on a website. The move was made without tendering and used a company recommended by a board member....... By Richard Marsden - South Yorkshire Star

    Why small companies have trouble securing public sector contracts
  • A recent Parliamentary report shows that small businesses are still finding difficult to bid for public sector contracts, despite Government policies and attempts to intervene.... Research Based Comment

  • Gatlin International Certificate Courses
  • 'Tendering for Contractsd Training is a Resale Partner of Gatlin International - On completion of a Gatlin International certificate course, you will receive a validated certificate of completion from the University of East London' Gatlin International Resale Partner

    Benefits of e-procurement recognised tendering for contracts training
  • Public sector procurement in Scotland is worth around £8 billion a year. eProcurement Scotland is a fully managed service for the public sector to buy goods and services online. The Government's free advertising portal Public Contracts Scotland is a single source to give suppliers essential information on public sector business opportunities. The Scottish Government News

    EU / UK Public Sector Contract Opportunities
  • Hello Thanks for visiting the Public Sector Contract Opportunities Vox Blog Here we aim primarily to provide insight into the world of EU tenders and ... Public Sector Contract Opportunities Vox

  • Efficiency Savings in Collaborative Procurement
  • Collaborative procurement proposals will result in a shake-up of procurement across all UK public sector organizations. PublicNet - Westcliff-on-Sea,Essex,UK

    UK Construction Contracts
  • Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply director Roy Ayliffe said: “The darkness that has been gathering across the UK construction economy over the past thirteen months lifted slightly in ... The combination of insight and analysis of the week's top news stories, all the latest industry jobs, in-depth features and special reports it continues to be the must-have publication for anyone working in the business ... Construction News - Latest National Construction Plus News

    Public sector holds the key
  • The report advises, however, that the public sector is still prone to ... that the tendering process for governmental contracts can be overly complex. ... UK - SME Tendering Report

  • Tendering for Contracts Training Course - Online
  • Tendering for Contracts Training ndash; Biography Date 27 April 2009 ... Is endorsed by (SFEDI), UK Small Firms Enterprise Development ... Tendering for Contracts Training

    Small contractors slash tender prices - CN plus - London,UK
  • The consultancy predicts average UK tender price deflation of at least 7 per cent in 2009, with a further 3 per cent across the country next year. ... Construction News

    Six ways to improve sustainable procurement
  • The UK's government watchdog, the National Audit Office, published an indepth report into the quality and scope of sustainable governmental procurement this week. It makes for fascinating reading and has ... » News - Sustainable Procurement

  • Ripped OFT – bid-rigging in social housebuilding-what next the ...
  • The Office of Fair Trading's bid-rigging inquiry could unearth unprecedented claims by the public sector against guilty contractors. On the eve of the first wave of its findings next month, Ross Macmillan explains why the fall out from Black Wednesday is just beginning.... by: By mole45

    Design duo master the art of finding the right niche The Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
  • We secure a lot of work from the public sector but find that the actual tendering process can be quite bureaucratic. At times it's a case of ticking the ... See all stories on this topic tendering for public sector contracts uk

  • Public Finance Opinion Sourcing the apprentices Nigel Donohue
  • In April 2009, the Office of Government Commerce published new procurement guidelines for public sector construction projects, which stipulate that businesses that use apprentices can be prioritised for publicly funded work. Sourcing the apprentices Nigel Donohue

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    The Pros and Cons of Framework Agreements
  • For buying organisations, they are flexible, making it easier to vary quantities, while still negotiating bulk buy rates.

    For vendors, they provide credibility and a foot in the door, but there is often no guarantee of work and the application process can be a slog. Read full advantages and dis-advantages here: - Source: Kable GC weekly Newsletter

  • Smart Procurement Summit 2009 - Shortcomings in public sector expenditure authority delegation
  • Controlling more than 7-million public sector personnel who collectively expend £200-billion annually: a relevant UK expenditure authority’s example of delegation. Source: Wally Johnson - Smart Procurement Article

The CPV establishes a single classification system for public procurement providers and suppliers, it's concept is to create a common standard with references used by both the contracting authorities - (those who provide the contracts) and contract suppliers - to describe the subject of a procurement contract.

The Common Procurement Vocabulary or (CPV) consists of a main vocabulary for defining the subject of a contract, and a supplementary vocabulary for adding further qualitative information. The main vocabulary is based on a tree structure comprising codes of up to 9 digits (an 8 digit code plus a check digit) associated with the wording that describes the type of supplies, works or services forming the subject of the contract.

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