AEGIS Boost Electronic Mod – Vaporizer Review

The Aegis Boost is one of the most popular electronic watches on the market today. It is a new electronic watch that can provide you with accurate time during your extended travels. This watch is also excellent for anyone who is always on the go. You will never have to worry about winding it up or keeping it secure on a key chain. This watch is perfect for any occasion because it comes in a variety of styles and colors.

The Aegis Boost comes in two pieces. The first is a water resistant stainless steel case that has a black face with silver hands and a round rubberized back with a black rubberized trim. On the outside of the watch there is a gold band with a stainless steel textured back. The watch comes with a rechargeable, disposable, micro USB power pod with a maximum wattage of 40 watts. The watch also comes with a charging cradle that has a charging port, AC adapter, micro USB cable, and a micro USB power adapter.

The second part is the Mech Mod. This consists of a pocket that house the batteries, the watch battery, a stainless steel spring, a twist tab, and a cover. The twist tab allows you to adjust the firing speed of the watch through a series of buttons. There are four buttons including a start/stop button and a backlight. The twist tab also allows you to turn the backlight off, turn on/off the temperature control, and power up the backlight of the watch.

In addition to the mod, the AEGIS Boost also features a built in electronic safety key. It does not house a replaceable battery like many other vaporizers. Instead, the built in safety key charges the electronic coil. When the coil is charged, it becomes ready to vaporize the e-juice. To charge the coil you will need to use the included charger kit. I found the unit to be very easy to use.

The last part of the AEGIS Boost, which is the mod kit 1500mah, includes everything needed to get started. There is a metal sleeve that allows the juice to cool. There is also a stainless steel mesh and two silicone bands that help to secure the metal sleeve to the tank. The outer silicone band has an air release valve built in. The inner silicone band has a leak proof cap.

The AEGIS Boost uses a very new and revolutionary technology known as the “Pod Mod”. It is actually a single eighteen650 battery that can be charged on its own. This unique design makes it very efficient and allows the user to maintain a constant voltage throughout the entire vaporizing session. The pod mod kit 1500mah is designed to work with any mod you would find, whether it is a “Stick Mod” or a “Box Mod”. The advantage to using a pod mod kit is that it is extremely efficient and can even provide a high level of vapor output.

The outer shell of the AEGIS Boost is constructed out of heavy duty nylon fabric, as well as a heavy duty silicone sleeve that can hold a variety of batteries including a triple A rechargeable battery. The outer silicone cover also includes a plug and play USB connector for quick and simple connection and charging. The inside of the AEGIS Boost contains a small digital display, which lists the power levels and other information during the actual heating process.

The actual AEGIS Boost can be taken apart in half for easy storage and transportation. When opened, it looks like a simple red laser pod. Inside, there is a housing that contains three heating elements. Two of the elements are included with each unit, while the outer one is sold separately. There is a small plug and play usb connector included as well, which allows for charging the AEGis without hassle.

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