AEGIS Boost Mini Review

The Aegis Boost has a lot of characteristics and benefits that make it stand out among other vaporizers. It is especially useful for people who want a portable, efficient and powerful vaporizer that also burns extremely clean. The product is very reasonably priced and worth every cent. Here is a detailed review of the Aegis Boost Vaporizer and what it can do for you.

aegis boost

The Aegis Boost Pro vaporizer is a variable voltage electronic vaporizer that features advanced technology, which enables it to offer variable wattage, temperature settings and even have a built in rechargeable battery. You can use it with a high capacity 1.6 Ohm dual battery or a standard voltage. The output voltage is variable from 2.4 volts to 4.8 volts. This vaporizer is extremely user friendly because it offers an adjustable airflow control that is simple to adjust from a wide angle.

The aegis boost comes in two different varieties, a single pod kit and a two pod kit. The pod kit comes with a single preloaded wick which is wrapped around the heating element. With a single aegis boost, users are able to produce fifty percent more vapor than when using a two pod kit. However, it takes slightly longer to heat up and burn the wicks to produce the vapor, about a minute for a single pod kit.

The vaporizer is very compact and is a favorite among vapers. The increase in vapor production is much greater than the increase in battery life. It is extremely easy to use, even for people who do not have much experience. There are several different voltages and wattage settings which will determine the wattage and voltage of the AEGIS Boost. In addition, there is a handy remote control included in the box.

The AEGIS Boost utilizes a revolutionary new technology called the RDSR (rapid discharge system) that is similar to a rechargeable battery. The new technology allows for extremely fast heating times and gives you more vapor per minute than most other atomizers on the market. The heat up time is so quick that it can take up to fifteen minutes to heat up the unit and begin heating the coils. Once the coils are heated they stay hot until you remove the unit.

The AEGIS Boost comes with a mesh coil system that keeps your juices and hit nice and cool. The mesh coils work as insulators and keep the juices inside the system and away from the heat. Because it is a small device, the coils absorb little heat, which helps the device last longer. The heat insulator also allows the coils to remain very cool to the touch thus your AEGis Boost will not get hot while you are vaping. The RDSR allows you to quickly and efficiently change heating modes, which is a huge bonus over other systems. Changing between heating modes is a great feature to have for those who enjoy changing up their style of vaping.

The aegis boost also comes with a jackaroo pod kit and a universal voltage mod. The jackaroo pod kit will allow you to use your AEGis with a wide variety of batteries including, ijoy, vapore, Triton, and blue tooth. The universal voltage mod is a great choice if you are looking to power a lot of devices. This will allow you to be able to power several electronic devices such as a pendant light, calculator, alarm clock, or a digital camera.

If you are considering a mini vaporizer then the AEGIS Boost is a great choice. They come with a 6ML pro pod along with all of the adjustment buttons you need to be able to use your AEGi successfully. They also have an easy to use and quick airflow control system. The battery is easily removable so that you can swap out the batteries for new ones without having to deal with screws. If you enjoy a smooth clean hit then this is a great option to consider.

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