AEGIS Boost Review – The Best Portable Vaporizer

The Vandy Vape Turbo Mod Review. The Vandy Vaporizerjack is a new and unique pod style vaporizer with a lot of “bling.” The Jackaroo Vaporizerpod is an extremely compact and lightweight vaporizer with a futuristic design that’s surprisingly similar to the Aegis Boost, a famous personal vaporizer. It’s got a built in, rechargeable, 2021 mah batteries, variable airflow, and variable power output from five watts to seventy watts. It also has two great side by side battery lights that change colors to red when fully charged.

aegis boost

So, it’s a little different than the Aegis Boost, right? Well, for starters, the AEGIS Boost has a higher wattage but does not have a replaceable battery. The Vandy Vape Jackaroo on the other hand has a built in, rechargeable, twenty-four volt battery that allows it to produce a super fast vapor production rate. And just like the Boost, it can produce a super fast flavored vapor production.

The Vandy Vape Jackaroo is a revolutionary personal vaporizer with four extra batteries and an adjustable airflow control. There is no need for a replacement because the AEGIS Boost will last a lifetime if used properly. This is because it has a patented temperature control technology that makes this personal vaporizer incredibly effective. How is it able to do this? Because the AEGIS Boost has a patented temperature control that allows it to mimic the effect of a real steam room, without having to have a bunch of expensive industrial steam rooms.

Now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes! The vandy vape jackaroo dual box mod has a top of the line design and can be considered one of the best mods on the market. It can produce incredible flavorful vapors and this flavor is consistent from person to person. This makes it great for people who are trying to master their favorite craft and are tired of the normal flavor that most of their devices provide.

If you’re looking to build quality coils for your own AEGIS devices you’re in for a treat. The vandy tech comes with a pod kit and a preinstalled KIT. The pod kit consists of a uniquely designed glass jar with a preloaded wick and a silicone ring. The ring provides a firm place for the wick to be inserted and this way the wick can be covered more of the AEGIS Boost’s coils to produce a higher quality flavor. The pod kit also comes with a silicone sleeve for a tighter seal and more consistent flavor.

The AEGIS Boost also includes a KIT. This unit has a high quality construction and is extremely durable. The material used on this unit is extremely superior and will not easily break. If you have ever used an airsoft mod before you know exactly what I’m talking about. The KIT has the ability to fit any standard sized AEG silencer and provides superior coverage.

As if these components weren’t enough, the AEGIS Boost is also packaged with a unique glass device. This nifty little mod has a built in power cord and a preinstalled NiCad battery. You do not need to purchase a new battery or install a charger – everything is included. Included in the box are a standard sized AEGi battery, a stainless steel micro USB cord, a NiCad battery and a matching adapter. Included in the box as well is a literature pack with an illustrated guide on how to build your own personal DIY atomizer.

If you are an avid user of AEGIS products then you know that they are the top of the line when it comes to quality and performance. With the AEGIS Boost, you have the ability to customize your device to suit your needs. You can replace or add extra coils to increase the amount of vapor produced or change the temperature at which it’s heated. No matter what type of electronic enthusiast you are, the ability to customize your unit and enjoy a customized aegis pod system is a must!

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