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Squonkers enjoy high-quality electronic merchandise, and ijoy vaporizers provide top-notch performance in a variety of sizes and price ranges. This line of devices was created by an innovative mind, keeping true to the innovative flavor of what true vapers crave. ijoy shogun is one of the best vaporizers on the market today. ijoy shogun really brings the vaporizer experience into a whole new level. It has a powerful heating mechanism that takes your vapors to new levels of intensity and vaporizing performance.

ijoy shogun really delivers exceptional performance. With its powerful two-stage heating system and large vapor output, vapers cannot help but be blown away by it. The vapor quality of this device is unlike anything you’ll experience with other devices. ijoy shogun is a must-have if you are a fan of high-quality, vapor-powered devices.

It has an incredibly cool looking exterior design that is very unique. The body is comprised of a durable, heat resistant black metal frame, along with a footed glass Her Majesty style mod ring. The heating plate is covered with a tough rubber and blue ring design, which provide job’s amazing durability even under constant and heavy use. One of the most impressive features of this box mod is its 3000mah battery.

There are two types of ijoy vaporizers available; the Sh Shogun Univ 180W Box Mod and the Shlord ijoydeluxe. The shogun utilizes an ijoydeluxe temperature control that offers four different settings: low, med, high, and turbo. This temperature control allows users to set a low wattage for delicate vaporizing or even increase the wattage if they desire a super strong hit. The Shlord ijoydeluxe utilizes a high wattage setting for powerful vapor hits and powerful vaporizing. It is also great for directing a blast of vapor all over your entire hand instead of a pinpoint spot on your finger.

The built in battery of the ijoy is extremely powerful and provides consumers with hours upon hours of usage time. The high capacity ion atomizer has a 3000mah internal battery, which makes it one of the most powerful devices available on the market today. The superior power of the internal battery allows this unit to last an incredibly long time and to vaporize for extended periods of time. The ijoy Vaporizer pen is rechargeable using any type of battery charger and has an electronic button that allows the user to pressurize the unit so that it starts charging automatically when you press the button. There is no need to manually switch the battery from on to off like most other vaporizers require because the ijoy will self-start every time it is hot, or just when you start to feel a little warm.

The ijoy uppen plus utilizes a rechargeable battery but it can be recharged using any type of electrical device such as an adapter. The mod comes complete with two mod cells and a replacement tube that are easy to replace. The large insides of the upper Plus allow for a large amount of e-liquid to be stored inside, yet it still has very little going on inside. That is due to the small and sleek design of the internal battery and the fact that the uppen plus can take on a lot of before it gets too heated up.

The physical design of the ijoy vaporizer pen is quite unique. It has a hard acrylic shell that protects the mod from any sort of bumps or scratches, and it also looks like a pen as it is about the size and shape of a small flashlight. The front of the unit has a clear window which has an open display, a power button and two clearly illuminated buttons that allow you to turn the unit on and off. On the back of the unit there is a hole that allows the user to insert a USB cord, a button to start the vaporizer and a number of power options which include AC adapter and wall outlet.

The ijoy uppen plus box mod have the same two-button power option that is available on the vaporizer but the addition of a triple rail system that allows for a full glass window to be opened. On the front there is a clear window that allows you to see the vapors as they are being produced. The outer plastic coating on the box mod is made in a way to allow air to pass through it, but the inner box is made in such a way that air cannot pass through it at all. This means that all of the vapor that you produce is quickly vented out of the entire device.

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